29 September 2016

Press Council of Kosovo updates its statute

In April 2016, Press Council of Kosovo, with the support of UNESCO’s project: “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey” funded by the European Commission established a working group made of Board members and Office with the aim to review and update the existing statute of Press Council of Kosovo.

After three meetings, this group came up with a draft that was presented to the Board and submitted for voting and approval. The new statute of the Press Council of Kosovo was approved in June 28, 2016.

The new statute stipulates no abstention principle, the reference of its functioning in the new legislation, the appointment of secretariat staff, as well following set of criteria to be met prior to joining the Press Council of Kosovo:

  • The member should be a journalistic media;
  • The registration of a member should be done in compliance with the legal provisions;
  • The member should provide all relevant information, such as the name(s) of the founder(s) and the owner(s), the names of the managerial staff (editor in chief and editors), the address, telephone and email address;
  • The member should publish the impressum;
  • The member should sign the Press Code of Kosovo and the Statute of the Press Council of Kosovo.


These changes to the statute came as a result of an increasing need to address certain issues which the Board may be facing as the number of new (online) media apply to become part of Press Council of Kosovo. The abstention vote was removed following similar practices of some AIPCE members.

In the following days, Press Council of Kosovo will open a call for the development of a database, calling all interested online media to submit basic information about their outlets, with the aim of improving the overall transparency of online media in Kosovo.

The database will be published by mid-November, with the possibility to be fed with new entries and information.